The Vape shop got its inception after I realized I need quite cigarettes and that it is very detrimental to my body and my health so then on March 2013 I bought myself an e-cigarette at a shop and started vaping. I began to feel a significant improvement after a month or so and my taste and smell got better. Now after 5 years I feel like a different person and I can testify the difference between cigarettes over to Vape. I also no longer had that bad cough in the mornings of cigarette smoke. I realized that I can make a big difference in many people’s lives who wanted to quit cigarettes and decided to start the Vaping . I started the shop on a small scale and thanks to the support of everyone and especially the Vapers of Upington it started to grow into a good business. To Vape is 95% + healthier than cigarettes and I can say it with an open mind. I am open to any discussion and will like to help where I can. Please contact me for any queries or advice.

The Vape shop is on the premises of Afrique Guest House. The guest house are also Vape friendly.

Happy Vaping.